Review Guide


Books: I took a Young Adult lit course one semester and the diversity opened my eyes! I hope to work with teens in the future so I’m always on the lookout for YA that encompasses all that they’re going through today, no censors. I’m getting more acquainted with the Adult market as I get older so I’m open for anything that isn’t Nicholas Sparks (which is all I’ve read so far).  If you’re stumped, classics can’t be beat (Great Gatsby, Wuthering Heights, Catcher in the Rye etc). Can be a series or stand alone. The more diverse, the better. I love reading authors of color as well (any background, thank you Lit courses).  Have a favorite author that just keeps dishing out brilliance novel after novel? Share them with me!


In my reviews, I am rating everything out of 5 stars (*). Here is the break down:

* (1) star: Did NOT like this book/movie/show etc.  There is a chance that I did not bother to finish it. Will be rare, as I want to only recommend things I really enjoyed and think you all will as well.

** (2) stars: The material was OKAY.  There were just enough aspects that I liked and figured someone might be more interested in it.

*** (3) stars: I LIKED the material enough to stick with it and feel that a lot of you would enjoy it as much, if not more so.

**** (4) stars: I REALLY liked the material. So much so that I have to gush about it and tell EVERYONE to get in on it.

***** (5) stars: I LOVED the material. I would burst if I didn’t talk about how much I loved it. I wouldn’t stop recommending it to everyone!

^ I will be using half points as well. ex. *** ½ (3.5 stars out of 5)