Do You Know the Couple Next Door? (#shareitsaturday)

What happened to baby Cora?!  She was in her crib the last time Ann checked, but wasn't there when she and Marco came home from their next door neighbor's party. I've never read a crime/mystery novel before and I have to say, this was a gripping first pick. I recently joined in on a reading … Continue reading Do You Know the Couple Next Door? (#shareitsaturday)


#filmitfriday: Love, Rosie (2014)

Some things I love/ am borderline obsessed with: Indie Films, Englishmen (well, all things UK, really), stories where friendships blossom into more. Enter Christian Ditter’s Love, Rosie. Adapted from Cecelia Ahern’s (of P.S. I Love You fame) novel Where Rainbows End, the film follows the predictable friendship turned romance between Lilly Collins’ Rosie and Sam … Continue reading #filmitfriday: Love, Rosie (2014)