Summer Lovin’!

Recently, YA Author Stephanie Perkins has published two YA short story anthologies; a winter and summer theme, respectively.  Summer Days and Summer Nights is a melting pot of modern teen fiction from today’s most notable authors.  I was pleasantly surprised at how diverse the stories were, in every sense of the word. From beach clubs and Christmas Tree farms to sea monsters and ghoulish carnivals, this anthology has it all. I greatly appreciated the diversity of the characters as well. There was a respectful mix of backgrounds and personalities that’s sure to relate to every teen. I’ve recently started a book club at my local library that focuses on these very aspects. These stories offer everything they could hope to find in a book. They’ll be able to, hopefully, see themselves in the characters and be exposed to different backgrounds at the same time, generating empathy. I’d highly recommend this to introduce the topic of diversity. I’ll keep you readers updated with how this goes over in my club, as well. I might read and review the winter edition for the holidays.

Rating: ***** (5/5) Stars



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